Using OES/NetWare and eDir with the latest patches (including beta
patches!) for CIFS, NSS, NICI, NMAS, etc.

Assigned two CIFS shares on two servers. Two users have new universal
pasword policies. We cannot access the shares through CIFS. When we attempt
to login to those shares with a Windows XP SP2+ or a Windows 2000 SP 4+
workstation, we cannot login using any combination of username, or
username@DOMAIN, or SERVER\username and password. The connection is
rejected every single time.

NDS, NMAS, NICN and the Universal password appears to be working fine,
because we receive a warning if we attempt to change only the simple
password, and access to all other network applications work with the
Universal Password.

We have also tried configuring CIFS to work both within a WORKGROUP, and as
a PDC - neither work.

Does anyone have any ideas? Where should I start troubleshooting?