I'm wanting to share a volume RO to an OES Linux SP2 server. On my
6.5SP5 box, I have a mounted volume. I ran NFSSTART and then used
iManager to export the volume path. Currently, in iManager's NFS
Services Administration, it shows NFS Status: Running. And the exported
path is listed as /volumename, status: Enabled, Access control:
independent, and global permissions are set to the hostname of the OES
Linux box, RO, ANON.

When I attempt to mount the volume from OES Linux console, I get the
following message: mount: serverip:/ failed, reason given by server:
Permission denied.

I tried to use the NFS Client that's in YaST and it also fails. Has
anyone ever gotten this to work? What am I doing wrong? I'm new to NFS
because we have always avoided it in the past. We're needing to mount
this filesystem on Linux pretty bad...if anyone has any ideas, please
let me know. Thanks.