We have an issue on a Netware 6.5 SP5 server connecting to a CIFS share.
The share is setup with an authentication domain, however connecting to the
share constantly displays a login prompt and will not accept credentials.
We have verified LDAP and NMAS functionality.

I applied the Post SP5 NSS modules for Netware 6.5 (TID 2974339,
n65nss5b.exe). Upon a restart, the server dumps it's memory and reboots, .
Through several attempts I did manage to load the server, with the updated
CIFS.nlm and the CIFS share was instantly available using pass through
authentication, however 9 out of 10 reboots, I could only achieve this
once - it typically goes into a reboot loop after loading CIFS.nlm. The
server will load and run successfully if CIFS.nlm is not loaded.

Has anyone else encountered issues with CIFS on NW6.5SP5?

I do have the luxury that this is a development server and I am
contemplating reverting back to NW6.5 SP2 or 3.

Any feedback greatly appreciated