We are running Netware 6.5 sp 5, with the latest NSS/CIFS patches. Prior
to last Friday, we had been having issues with CIFS apparently locking
up after it had been running a few days and not allowing anybody new to
connect and usually kicking everybody off. Last Friday, we upgraded to
the latest eDirectory 8.8, with patches. Now, only some users are able
to login via CIFS. Those users have absolutely no problems, but a large
number of users (> 20%) are unable to connect.

We use Domain passthru, and the passwords are verified correct in the
domain. Connections for all users to the Windows servers work just fine.
I have not found any knowledgebase articles or forum posts that seem to
indicate that anyone else is having this sort of problem. It seems that
people usually have no one can connect or else everybody can connect.

Please help.

- ray

Raymond Clotfelter