We have a 2 node cluster in our company, and need to enable CIFS for
windows users who cannot use the Novell Client.

In a perfect world, users could log on to the Netware 6.5 server with
Active Directory authentication.

I have read a bunch of documents on the Novell site but find the level
of detail on CIFS with pass through small, and not directed at my
knowledge level.

I have configured CIFS on the Virtual Servers, specifying the Domain and
PDC. Restarted CIFS but the volume I configured doesn't get listed in
the console. Trying to map to it on a test PC doesn't get me anywhere,
sometimes locking my account on Netware.

The servername doesn't appear in a domain browse either.

I am not making any headway here and need help.

2 Netware 6.5 servers, sp5
3 vitual servers (data, apps, studio)

What else do you need, I can get any log, config or info you want.