Hi all,

I've recently installed a new HP ML350 G5 server with NW6.5sp6 to
replace an old Mac server (Mac G4 desktop pretending to be a server).
All the network is running 1Gbps.

In testing the new server, when I connect via AFP and copy a file off
the server, the retransmit packets jump about 10-15 a second. Copying to
the server appears to be okay, it's only when reading from it.

There was a previous thread here that had the same issue, and he
switched NICs to an Intel MT card. I had exactly the same card on hand
and did the same, but to no avail - the send retransmit packets were
still sky rocketing.

I'm at a loss as to why this is happening. Using a Windows XP machine
using the NW client there's no problem at all. No retransmits what so
ever. If I use SMB on the Mac instead of AFP, the copy speed is slower
(even slower writing) but there's less retransmits - yet they're still
there. If I drop the Mac and server back to 100HD the copy seems
smoother, yet there's still send retransmits, just at a slower pace.

I've put this server and a mac on their own switch, nothing else
attached, and still the same.

Interesting, whilst there's an issue with the send packets, comparing
the speed copying smaller files is about the same with this server and
the OSX server. But when I try large files over 400MB that's when
Netware craps out and the OSX is quite literally twice as fast.

I'm using the lastest BX2 lan drivers (Broadcom), initially from the HP
site then a newer version from the Novell site and no difference.

Is there anything you can suggest to try? I've got two weeks to play
with settings before it's live, so I can play to my hearts content! Any
thoughts to throw at me would be appreciated.