We are currently an eDirectory-only shop (no AD, but we have a few
standalone Windows servers). We are also using ZenWorks for Desktops 7.0.1
(no middle tier), iPrint, and GroupWise 7.0.1. We are in the process of
implementing Universal Password, which will require that we update the
NWClient on all of our computers. This task got me thinking that it would
be nice to not even bother with the client and have one less thing to have
to update on our clients (6000-ish computers spread through 30 sites, all
running Windows XP or 2000). Some of the computers are 7-8 years old and
the client is a real burden on them.

I think I have a pretty good grasp on the concept of using native file
access, but I had some questions on the specific areas that we would need
to address if we were to migrate. I tried looking for an implementation
guide but couldn't find anything.

Here are the questions I have (so far):

1. The main things the client is used for now is contextless
authentication and login scripts. Is it possible to still do these without
the client? I know there's a config file where I can list contexts to
search but I don't want to have to list every user context for all our
sites (it's a big list). Is this list recursive, so that I could just
specify the root?

2. All of our printers have been moved to iPrint, but we have some that
are still servicing queues for an old DOS program (needed for capturing
LPT1). Will these still be accessible without the client?

3. I know we'll have to setup a middle tier for ZENworks, since that agent
will still reside on the workstations. Any caveats with this?

4. Will we need to setup WINS so that our clients can connect to our
servers? Will SLP still be necessary for the servers?

I appreciate any real-world advice and tips you might have. Thanks!