After i upgrade NW6.5 server to SP5, then CIFS stop working.
Now i have upgrade server further to SP6 and installes Post-SP6
CIFS-patch. It still doesnt work.

I start CIFS with CIFSSTRT and everything seems ok. It shows what
sharepoints that is shared.
I have enabled Universal Password and can't set Simple Password. UP is
suppose to fix this automatic.

If i have a clean WinXP-computer with no Novell Client, i kan run
\\Server-IP-addr and a windows login dialog appears. I enter username and
password for one user that have Simple Password enabled and click OK.
After some seconds the same dialog appears again and ask again for

I have tried several users! CIFS was working perfect under SP4a. After
upgrade to SP5 and SP6 then it brokes.

Best regard,
Ronny Simonsen
Narvik - Norway

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