Hello NG

We have a strange problem in with XP Professional SP2 and CIFS on Netware
6.5 Server.

The "my document" folder is redirected to the Home Drive H:\. This home
drive is mapped through CIFS protocol
Now we have a strange situation, that when windows xp creates the folder on
the H:\ drive, the folder is displayed as "user's document". When we delete
this folder on the home drive H: (CIFS), the next time we access to "my
documents" on the explorer, a new folder with the righ name "my documents"
were created on the H:\ drive (CIFS)

Why this? Where could I define, that the "my document" folder is createt
with the own name? We observed, that this problem is only present on CIFS.

Thanks in advance for your help

Ramon Lustrati