I am running a two node Netware 6.5 SP5 Cluster with edir, and
NSS5A patch. I have a virtual resource that has been running CIFS for at
least 5 months since the NSS5A update, and now I am receiving the following
message when I online the resource.

"CIFS: Unable to get server name from the FDN, error = -603"
"CIFS: Server fdn .CN=reource.O=organization.T=tree name. and server_name
has already been added

and when I offline the resource I get this message.

"CIFS: Could not find fdn = .CN=resource.O=organization.T=tree name.

I came upon this all of a sudden when users could not map their CIFS
Shares. I have other CIFS enabled virtual resources that I am able to
offline and online with no issues. Couldn't find much in TIDS on this error.