Has anyone made any progress with the issue of Vista --> CIFS not displaying
parent directories to which users do not have explicit right asignment?

We have a volume "shared" which contains (suprise!) shared directories. Users
are granted rights to the shared directories; no one is granted rights at the
root of shared:

shared <-- no rights assigned here
Some Directory <-- rights assigned here
Some Other Directory <-- rights assigned here

In Vista, unlike previous Windows, when I map a drive to shared, I cannot view
the drive in the GUI, although I have rights assigned to various shared
directories. If I map a drive directly to a directory where I have an explicit
right assignment I can view the drive in the GUI.

Oddly, the command prompt works as expected. I have lowered the Lan Manager
authentication level as per TID 3223839.

This has been reported previously in this forum and the TTP mailing list, and
does not appear to be related to UAC.

We are running SP5 with CIFS 3.24.02 from 8/17/06. Is this working for anybody
with later code?

Tony Skalski
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