If it possible to enable Unix extensions on Netware 6.5 SP6 CIFS? At
present mounted shares can't create symlinks or data sockets.

We have a lab of Linux machines that mounts users home spaces using smb
/ cifs (using SMB at present). There are some other interesting issues.
Using smbmount there's no mapchars option, which annoys Nautilus because
it likes to create files with ':'s in them. This option is available
with CIFS, but then you get piles of...

Mar 1 16:54:26 smbsled kernel: CIFS VFS: bad smb size detected for Mid=661
Mar 1 16:54:26 smbsled kernel: CIFS VFS: Calculated size 0x6b vs
actual length 0x6e

....in syslog - about three to six for every file accessed on the share.
Although this doesn't cause immediate problems, instability has been
reported when using OpenOffice.

Being able to use Unix Extensions would make the problem go away. The
client is correctly configured because symlinks etc can be created when
connecting to a Samba server with Unix Extension = on.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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Support Systems Specialist
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