The Setup: Netware 6.5 SP6 - Fully Patched (AFAIK). Windows Vista
Business - Fully Pacthed (AFAIK). Lan Manager setting updated.

The Problem: When a a Windows Vista client connects via CIFS (i.e. SERVER-
W) to my Netware server, the computer is able to browse but Vista freezes
constantly. I am able to browse the server though, it just takes forever
because Vista stops responding several times in the process.

Also, another problem is that if the user doesn't have rights to the root
of a directory or volume, they can't browse that directory or volume at
all. For example if MSMITH is a trustee of a file named FILE.TXT on the
SYS drive, if he doesn't have rights to the SYS drive he can't access his
file at all, let alone the SYS drive.

I know the second is a known problem. Are there any fixes for either of
these? I heard there was an unreleased patch or that true?
I want to avoid using the Novell Client if at all possible. (People hate
logging in twice).