I'm trying to get a feel for the road ahead for our Novell infrastructure as
it relates to our Mac OS X client computers. Can anyone point me to some
resources or answer some questions about what the future holds. This is
coming from a Linux newbie who is just starting to dip his toe in the

Specifically -

Is Novell-supported AFP access without a client gone once the move to OES 2
is made? There seem to be some third-party/open-source solutions out there
(e.g. netatalk), but I'm not sure how reliable or easy to implement they
are. If native AFP support is not available, will we have to utilize the
XEN features of OES 2 to run a virtualized Netware 6.5 server in order to
get native AFP access, and what does that mean for our users who use both
Mac OS X and Windows machines to access their files?

I read somewhere that one of the features of OES 2 is a Mac client. I can't
find any "official" info on this. Is this a full-fledged Novell client for
Mac OS X? Are there any details out as to what form it will take and what
it will and won't do?

We are currently using MacAdministrator from Hi-Resolution Systems to
authenticate and mount drives for our OS X clients. MacAdministrator
utilizes the AFP access that is native to our Netware 6.5 (OES 1) boxes to
do its thing. My biggest priority is maintaining this very reliable and
straightforward access to our file servers, but am also interested to hear
about what other opportunities might be presented by moving to SLES

I'm sure there are other questions that I should be asking, but I'm just
starting to try and make sense of all of the implications that the shift
away from Netware has for the Mac world and native access to files on our
Novell servers. Thank you for any answers and guidance.

Mark Leach
Network Administrator
Charlottesville City Schools