I'm following the steps in the NetWare 6.5 Universal Password Deployment
Guide. Step 6 is to turn on Universal Password.
1. Start iManager
2. Under Roles and Tasks > NMAS Management, click Universal Password

I don't have that option. The NMAS section with the following
suboptions is available: NMAS Login Methods, NMAS Login Sequences, NMAS
Users. When logging into iManager I get the notice: Some of the roles
and tasks are not available, click the details link shows the task
Universal Password Configuration is not available. The reason is "Task
Requires Previous Version of iManager". The NMAS Plug-ins for iManager
is version 10.1.20061031

All servers are NetWare 6.5 with Service Pack 6, edir, Security
Services 2.0.4 and iManager 2.6.

So how do I enable Universal Password?