Hello again: With the help of this forum, I have been able
to setup a cifs domain (emulation). Our new W2K3 servers
are members of this domain with controllers running on two
netware 6.5 servers (PDC and BDC).

I have run into a problem and I need more advice. I was
just told today that each of my users needs to access the
new servers and therefore must have domain accounts. OK, no
problem I say, I have the domain setup. But it appears
through limited testing that a local account has to be
present on the W2K3 server else the user cannot access the
server. If I manually create a local account a user can
then access the server.

I'm completely new to Windows servers so these questions may
be really stupid. My assumption was that when I user
attempts to access the W2K3 server it would query the domain
controller to see if the user exists and authenticate again
the password. But this does not seem to the case. Will I
need to purchase Identity Manager to get around this issue
- to sync user accounts between eDir and my AD domain on the
W2K3 servers even though the domain controller runs on the
netware server???

Thanks, Chris.