Hello: Let me say first off that I hate adding these new
W2K3 servers to our network. Life was much simpler with a
homogeneous NetWare setup.

OK, I have CIFS emulation setup and the W2K3 servers have
joined the domain (not as DCs, just normal members). I want
to share a folder so I enabled file sharing on that folder
and was able to add the group "Domain Users" from CIFS with
read privileges. But no joy.

In my small brain I would think that authentication would
work like this:
1. User (username X/password Y) tries to access shared
folder on server (W2K3).
2. The file server tries to authenticate the user (X/Y)
with the domain PDC or BDC.
3. Since the PDC/BDC are the CIFS servers they would in
turn authenticate the user (X/Y) against eDir.
4. Once authenticated the PDC/BDC would tell the W2K3
server the user (X) has been authenticated.
5. The W2K3 server grants access to the folder.

I know that the folder share is setup properly as a local
account of the test user can get to the files.

Thanks in advance for the hand holding, Chris.