I am trying to set up some ubuntu machines to mount a cifs share on our
NW6.5sp5 servers. I have created the cifs share and it seems to work just
fine. My problem is that I have hundreds of student accounts that I want
to be able to authenticate from a linux box but I get an error message when
I attempt. However, if I go into consoleone and reset that users account
password, and then try again from the linux box, it works just fine. My
guess is that it has something to do with the universal password and simple
password not being synced. The student accounts were created last August
using an old mass user creation tool that was originally designed for nw
4.11. Am I going in the right direction? If so what are my next steps?
Will creating a password policy in that container help? If so how do I
create/manipulate password policies? I have been trying to get consoleone
or imanager to manipulate my password policy in the security container to
no avail. I have focused more on imanager and trying to get the identity
manager plugins for password policy to work but nothing seems to work.
Both consoleone and imanager show the password policy as a question mark.
Any thoughts?