I have gone into iManagerFile Protocols and setup a CIFS share on a
Netware 6.5 sp6 clustered server volume. I had to click the enable check
box to be able to creat the share. I then created it and reloaded the
cluster object to find the check box no longer checked. If I recheck and
click apply the share shows up but I still can not connect to it. From the
client (XP sp2 no domain) all I ever get is.

You cannot be authenticated on (ip) due to the following reason.
The network path was not found. Regardless of setting the preferred server
or Default tree and context I can't see any Netware from the client.

Any ideas? I am really new to this and what I am trying to do is map a
netware drive with a XP sp2 machine. I don't have a domain and I am just
using a workgroup. I am not sure if this is the best method? I now have a
group of systems that can not have netware clients and need to connect to
a certain volume. Any tips would be great !!!!

Thanks all