We use CIFS in domain mode on NW6.5 SP5. Yesterday a remote customer who's
users map to our Netware server via NFAP/CIFS imposed a domain
authentication policy on all window machines involving mandatory NTLMv2
authentication. Since then none of them have been able to authenticate to
the server via CIFS.

I understand (from this forum and Novell tids) that CIFS on Netware cannot
speak NTLMv2 and never will, but will negotiate successfully with windows
machines who's use of NTLMv2 is optional. The customer's IT people are
working on an exclusion scheme. I've a couple of questions I'm hoping
someone can help me with:

1) My CIFS modules are at the SP5 level, no extra patches applied. Is this
enough to talk to workstations with optional NTLMv2?
2) Is a special CIFS command required on the console to enable this i.e.
like CIFS SIGNATUES OPTIONAL for smb signing?