Hello all: I have been working with a Novell edir engineer
on this for a week now with no joy. Maybe someone here has
seen this before and can point us in the right direction.

We have CIFS domains setup on two netware 6.5sp6 servers as
PDC and BDC. We have then joined two Windows 2003 R2
servers to this domain and created a share on one of them.
In testing we discovered that none of our users could access
the Windows 2003 share even though they were granted proper
rights and were members of the "Domain Users" group.
However, if we delete the user's edir account and then
recreate it they get access - no problem.

But there is one more twist. This only works for usernames
which are greater than six characters long (7 or 8 in our
case). If I recreate the account using a username of 5 or 6
characters, no joy, but if I pad it to 7 or 8 it works. WTF

The Novell engineer I have been working with is trying hard,
but we just have not gotten anywhere. I am hoping someone
else has seen such issues and found a resolution.

Thanks in advance, Chris.