Environment :
NW 6.5.6 with CIFS, LIBC, Winsock, etc updates

Windows XP PC running without NW client

No problems reading, writing, authenticating to the Share.

But, we have an application called GhostFill that reads information
from the directory structure and displays that information for the user
within the app.

An example of the directory structure is

1.0 Folder A
01.0 Subfolder A
02.0 Sub Folder B
1.0 File A
2.0 File B

Problem is that CIFS is doing something such that the Application
cannot display the last File item on the screen - literally - "1.0
File A" - It just shows blank on the screen

1. Adding the Novell Client fixes the problem
2. Browsing without the NW client to the various folders displays in
Windows OK.

3. BUT .... If I remove the "." from the File Name eg : "1.0 File A" ->
"10 File A", everything works OK without the NW client and the APP
displays the information fine.

I know this is strange and I've looked at Ethereal traces but cannot
see anything out of the ordinary here

All I know is this has to be some CIFS end case that hasn;t been
thought of ...

Any ideas would be helpful