We have several Mac users seeing strange results when accessing a Netware
share. Some symptoms include - not being able to create folders within
the share, not being able to delete documents, or edit documents (e.g.
Word docs). They must copy the documents locally, edit them and save, then
copy back to the share. Sometimes that works, other times it won't.

At times they get a -50 error, other times the message is simply to the
effect of "you lack sufficient privileges for the desired operation" -
although they have full rights to the share/directory in question.

I should mention this all takes place within the Finder on the Mac. If I
open a Terminal and cd to the volume, I can mkdir, rm files, etc. So, I'm
not sure if this is pointing to more of a problem within Finder, rather
than AFP on our Netware servers?

The Mac client I've personally tested is running Mac OS 10.4.9, the
Netware server is running OES SP2 (Netware kernel, not Linux - equivalent
to NW6.5 SP5)
LSMAFP3.NLM - version 2.00.11 May 10, 2004
AFPTCP.NLM - version 2.05.04 August 17, 2006

thanks in advance,