Hi all,

Have an interesting problem. We are using OSX 10.4.9 machines and are
having mixed results creating aliases in the dock. We first mount the
volumes HOME and DATA (and can see the right folders under each). They
mount fine on the desktop, and then we drag them into the doc. Once in the
dock however, both aliases point to the same volume, e.g HOME. We tried
with APPS and SYS on the same server and they work fine. We have tested on
15 servers so far and we seem to running at a 50% success rate, i.e half
will work correctly, half won't. I have found some info relating to OSX
aliases getting confused with volume creation time and also other info
relating to JRB tool sets that can make the volume creation time unique.
Just want to know if anyone else had had this problem, and if there is
anything else I should be looking at?

Netware 6.5 SP6
- Have compared the afptcp ver between working and non working server and
they are the same, (will post ver when back at work)