Netware 6.5 SP6 - AFPTCP (Build 348 SP)Version 2.05.04 5 September

Mac OS 10.4.9

We have set up the Universal password with the following attribute added
to the password policy -

nspmCaseSensitive = false

I understand this to mean that the Universal Password will be case

There seems to be a problem with Macs. If you set the password with the
default Mac AFP password change method, and then log out and log in
again the password required is case sensitive.

This leads me to some questions -

1) When you change a UP, irrespective of password change utility (AFP,
LDAP, NMAS enabled Novell Client), is the password stored in the case
you entered it, and does the 'nspmCaseSensitive = false' attribute just
try to ignore the case?

2) Is the above problem with AFP and the ignoring of the
'nspmCaseSensitive = false' attribute fixable?


Charles Short