Running NW6.5SP6, logging in from a Win2000SP4 PRO workstation with Novell
Client 4.91 SP3. The workstation successfully joined the domain, and I'm
able to login as an eDir user and it'll login to the Windows workstation as
that user in the CIFS domain. So far so good...

Today I tried creating a user (call it NEWUSER) and during the creation told
it to copy from an already existing user (call it OLDUSER). I was able to
login as NEWUSER, but was given the desktop and MY DOCUMENTS belonging to
OLDUSER. If I look in the registry on that workstation, I find under:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Syn cmgr\AutoSync\DOMAINNAME_NEWUSER,
and in it the SID that's there matches the SID of the OLDUSER (found at
DOMAINNAME_OLDUSER). Tried (while logged in as OLDUSER) to delete the
DOMAINNAME_NEWUSER key, then I deleted the eDir user, and recreated it
without copying from OLDUSER, and logged into the workstation, same problem,
and the exact same registry key is there again.

So the SID must be stored in eDir somewhere? Where in iManager (or C1) can
I find such information regarding CIFS or the domain's properties?

Lastly when I chose to copy from OLDUSER originally, there must be some
property in OLDUSER which forced the SID to become the same, but I can't
find anything obvious when browsing OLDUSER or NEWUSER in iManager. Where
should I be looking for this? I guess I can't choose to copy from another
user in my setup?

Thanks for your help