My apologies for the slow feedback. I have read the post you have
referenced and can add a few things.
The post from Jeffery Sessler comments:

"You can however, include Network volumes is the standard "Find" feature.
Open find, click on the "Others" then add in the Network volume of folder of
your choice. Now when you use find, it will search these other areas."

This does not work using Mac OS 10.4.x, in my experience, but maybe Jeffery
knows something I don't. (very possible) The search feature does work using
OS 10.3.x. Since the network has not changed and only the version of Mac OS
is different, it would seam that there in lies the problem.

The volume being search from the Mac (OS 10.4.x) has been mounted using
administrator rights to the NSS volume.(including the root)

The answer may be that using OS 10.4.x you are no longer able to search for
files on NSS volumes. I hope that this is not the case and that someone has
found a viable work-a-round.



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> See the thread ""Spotlight" or "Find" with MAC OS 10.4.x" from 10 May in
> this forum. Spotlight is configured to not search network drives by
> design.
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