Netware 6.5sp5 cpr release

Trying to start nfs on the server - get "xnfs.nlm [init failed]" The logger screen says: error: nfs services initialization failed during edirectory interface library ndsilib.nlm) initialization - error coade 9600, unloading xnfs.nlm.

Recreated the NFAUUser object following TID 10096114. Still could not start nfsstart, so then did number 4 in the TID and reextended the schema - no errors in processing the 3 extensions. Deleted nfauuser object and did schinst again, but still get "xnfs.nlm [init failed]"

I do not see any problems in the schinst log other than the second time I deleted NFAUUser object and used schinst -n -w to recreate it (after the schema reextension), the log file states a warning that the object (nfauuser) already exists (even though I had deleted it).

The dsmisc.log file says the attributes and classes already exist and are identical... and then also "identical to existing definition" 0 warnings, 0 errors.

Also (TID 10086060) sys:etc\exports is not open or locked.

Thank you