I have been trying to make use of the passthrough authentication
(third party domain mode) setting of NetWare 6.5SP6 for CIFS, for the
last one week, but no success.

I have done the following steps, just to make sure that we are on the
same page:

1) Selected the Third Party Domain radio button in the CIFS server
properties page in iManger.
2) Entered the DNS resolvable name of the PDC(Win 2K in this case).
3) Entered the ip address of the PDC.
4) Entered the domain name/workgroup name in the appropriate box.
5) I did not touch the WINS settings. Kept them as it is.

After doing these settings, when I do "cifsstop" and then "cifsstrt" ,
it shows all the regular info(it shows the domain mode of
authentication, and the correct domain name and other things.) but
immediately after that, the server stops responding.

Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated, and if you require
any more inputs from me, I will be obliged to provide them.