Netware 6.5 SP6 with 65CIFS325b patch

We bound some secondary ip addresses to our servers to act as
service addresses for CIFS.
We have found some issues which may be down to Novell's implemetation of
CIFS, maybe not.

Client - Windows Vista Business with Novells recommended NTLM fix -

If I map a drive as follows it works fine -

net use u: \\[server primary ip address]\[volume]\[home directory] *

If I use the server secondary address instead of the primary address
above it fails.

Looking at the trace NBNS NBSTAT is to blame. The response to the
secondary ipaddress of the server comes back from the primary address of
the server. Vista takes exception to this as this is not the secondary
address it originally queried, and therefore the mapping fails.

My question is that if a CIFS client request is made to the secondary
ipaddress of the server, does the CIFS spec state that the response
should be from the same secondary address, not the primary address?

If this is so then this is a bug in Novell's code.