Good Afternoon,

I am in the process of configuring NFS & NIS for Unix and I'm slightly
confused. I am running OES Netware 6.5sp6.

I have multiple servers in multiple OUs below my Orginization. In each OU
where there is a server, I have the NFAUuser, NFAUworld group, and as many
NISSERV_XXX objects as servers.

I am in the process of going to each server and running the following

nfsstop, schinst -n (should I also be using the -W, documentation
differs), nisinst, and nfsstart.

That seems to get rid of the errors and initialization failures that were
showing up in my Logger Screen. Now all I get is a "Domain not set, run
ypset" error.

Now this is where the confusion sets in ... The documentation talks about
centralized administration and other objects that I should be seeing. So
my fist question is, Whenever I try to log into a server in NFSAdmin, I
always get an error that NFSAdmin isn't loaded on the server. So I
manually load it and log in. Should I be adding NFSAdmin to the
nfsstart.ncf ? Or what should I be doing ?

And for the objects that I should be seeing, are they all manually created

I will stop there for now, I'm still reading the documentation. But I do
have more questions concerning searching from the root instead of each OU,
setting the master server and secondary with the NIS information, etc.
I'm just baffeled a bit.

Thank you,