Environment: Netware 6.5 sp6, with OS X 10.4.10 (for the most part)
clients. Network Home Directories housed on the Novell server. Rights
assigned to home directories for users: CREAMWF.

Some of my users have accrued additional rights assignments in their home
directories. We usually just assign rights to their home, and that is all
they need, but often (after a time) we are finding that a "Rights to Files
and Directories" will show that there are trustee assignments to
additional directories inside their home. (Example: their Documents
folder will also show as having a rights assignment of CREMWF.) With some
users, these assignments to subdirectories number in the dozens. Is this
due to the Access Control assignment, in that, with that assignment those
rights are assigned in certain situations? There is one app that we have
run into where the user needed Access Control for it to function properly,
which is why it has been assigned. We could remove it from a majority of
our users, though, if necessary.

Would one of the AFPTCP switches help here? We currently are loading it
with the guest option only.