We have 2 servers running NW6.5 Sp5. We have 2 Mac clients running
10.3.9. Neither of these Macs can connect to our Novell servers. AFP is
loaded and configured. ctxs.cfg is configured. SAS settings in user
objects have been deleted and reset with new simple passwords. AFP has
been stopped and started after the ctxs.cfg edit. lsmafp has been added
to the login sequences. Still I get "incorrect user name or password"
error. Tried clear text and still got error. I can ping servers from Mac
client and see the Mac client from the servers but no connection is
allowed. It is probably something simple, but I'm stumped. It seems no
matter what I try I can't get the Macs to authenticate to these 2 Novell
servers. These 2 Macs connected last year before we upgraded to NW 6.5
Sp5. I've seen the TIDS referenced in previous forum questions and
followed through with their suggestions to no avail. Something's not
right, but I can't find it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Greg Field