We have been struggling to get Novell 6.5 Multipath IO work with our iSCSI
SAN device for a week with no Luck. Novell server has two ethernet/iSCSI
ports and our SAN has two iSCSI ports also.
We brought the novell server up and did:
- Ran "ion" command in the console to turn on iSCSI
- Ran "iscsinit connect x.x.x.x" to log into the SAN device port x.x.x.x
- Ran list devices, I see the volume from the SAN in that list
- When I open iManager--> Storage--> Devices: I do see the device, but
"Multipath" button is grayed out and I can not click it.

1- What should happen for this button to become available?
2- Do I need to run a specific command to turn multipath on in novell side
or is it on by default?
3- Do I need to create two conenctions to the storage to make it
multipath? If yes, how do we create two connections? Is there a specific
command for creating connections? I only see iscsi conenct command...
4- How does the novell iSCSI multipath works?

Thanks in advance..
Bahman Jalali (B.J.)
Hifn Inc.