Hello -

NBM 3.8 on NW 6.5.6

Not a serious problem this time, more of an oddity (but annoying for some
folks) that I'm hoping someone might have a theory about.

In general, our NBM proxy works great, rock solid, quick, we're very happy
with it.

But there is one site, unfortunately the main local newspaper site, that
behaves a bit strangely through proxy. Pages on this site don't load with
a single click. Click once, you get a "waiting for site", click again,
you get a blank page "waiting for site", then click reload, and the page
loads. The sequence is always the same - to get a page from this site to
load, you have to "click, click, reload". Of course, once the page is in
cache, it's fine. This one site is the only one I've encountered that
behaves like that - all other sites load normally.

A bit strange, I know. Anyone encounter anything like this before?