We just downloaded and installed GMS 2 with SP1 on a Windows 2003 server connecting to GroupWise v7.02. The installation went fine and I can login via http page to GMS with no issue.

What we have found is after 10-15 mins if we try to access the http page again for GMS it does not come up with the login page. The page displayed says "Website cannot display the page" - HTTP 500 Internal Server Error

I have checked all GMS logs and Windows server logs, no errors are displayed at all during this period - nothing!. All the GMS services still show started and I can still login to the MMC admin console for GMS. If in the Console I stop "Intellisync Mobile Suite" and then start I can access the http login again. Then after 10-15 it will be unavailable again!!

HELPPPPP! Anyone seen this or know how to track this unusual one down?