This can be tricky to track down because there is no
Novell-provided -simple- way to see all the RPM (remote printer management)
or ICM (iPrint Client Management) associations assigned to each printer.
Ideally you would be able to click on the printer in iManager and there
would be an option to show you all the RPM/ICM associations.

So, it's possible you may have the printer associated via RPM/ICM directly
to the user, or possibly to the user's context, or possibly to some other
group that the user belongs to. The only way I've been able to report on
this is with LDIF exports or non-Novell utilities like DSReport from
Wolfgang Schreiber. I believe the RPM attributes to search for are "NDPS
Printer Install List" and "NDPS Public Printer Install List".

The other possibility, at least with iPrint printers, is that someone setup
a script that runs an iprintcmd command to install certain printers during
login/startup. Or, if you have ZENworks in your environment, someone might
have setup an iPrint printer policy that installs printers to certain
ZENworks workstation objects.

Best of luck,

"Justin" <> wrote in message
> Any idea why certain printers always get pushed down, no matter if they
> are a member of the group that should be getting the printer or not?