I have a Customer that uses Netware 4.91 SP3 and when our custom screen
capture application attempts to retrieve files from various computers
while they are shutting down their system, my server application can not
close the server socket and my application begins running at 50% CPU

When this server application runs on pure Microsoft networks, I am able to
handle the socket drop correctly.

Can anyone tell me that Netware Service Pack 4 would resolve this issue?
Are there Novell Properties that may affect the shutdown operations of

I have tried changing the Winsock Socket Options to use the SO_DONTLINGER
property. I have tried calling the shutdown() function with SD_SEND,
SD_RECV, and SD_BOTH but still cannot gracefully abort the thread that
handles the file transfer and when this happens the first time I get 50%
CPU Util, and on the second occurence the CPU Utilization (of my app) goes
to 99%.

They are getting rather frustrated with the issue and I can not reproduce
this issue in-house.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance.