That's right--Netware 6.0 SP 2. Wonderful server. I had it up for about
500 days and then I (finally) did some routine maintenance. After that it
was up for over 800 days. We had a party planned for day 1000, but I got
greedy and tried to play with Vista (5 months ago) using the tech. preview
Vista client. The client caused an abend, a memory leak, and eventually I
had to reboot the server (several days later). Now the party is cancelled.

With the released version, should I be OK to play again? Or will 6.0 SP 2
probably croak? Looks like other posts have talked about winsock and
other various needed updates. I'm expecting to be stuck.

Any thoughts on compatibility if I update? Netware 6.0 SP 5 plus updates?

Ted Kumsher

PS -- I'm back up to 153 days. I'll only get to about 330 days this time
because we're building a new building and we'll move in about 6 months.
Or maybe I'll see how long our UPS can last . . . Fun times!