i am using an service running under xp, which logs on for its task as an
specified user. on client until 491 sp2 all works fine.

starting with 491 sp3, it stopped working with login failed-message.

i did a lan-trace on both clients, ad found the following :

until 491 sp2 the service logs in as the specified user with the context of
the currently loggen-on user, like user1.dept.company. this works fine, this
behaviour is also described in tid 10021533.

starting with 491 sp3, the login looks lihe user1.PC-NAME, which cant be

is there a switch at nw client 491sp3 or 491sp4 to handle this
service-logins like 491sp2, or did i just found a defect ??

behaviour like in tid 10021553 would be ok ....

anyone else this problem ??