XP-SP2 workstation
Netware 6.5SP6 server
ZEN, dlu

2NIC server. Server routes and is default gateway for this client.
SLPDA is bound to the other NIC.

DHCP is configured with SLPDA address and scope ('DEFAULT')

Client: 4.91 SP4

Sometimes, at login, I get the default login-script. In that case,
logging in again from the red N always produces the correct (context)
login script.

My SLPDA is setup and working
I use only IP
I use only SLPv2

I can produce wireshark traces if needed

What I see in the trace is that when I get a default login-script, the
client does a NDS open Stream login script, object name [root]

Any suggestions?

Thomas Roes
There is no one at thomasr1@xs4all.nl