(Repeat question (July 30,2007 with response from Peter), but with the
Version 1 Client and the actual internal error #)

I have three different trees in three different offices (the offices are
seperate clients).

They are in the following format.

I can log into TreeOne and TreeTwo, but get an internal error(0xC7E50014)
on tree 03.

I did try entering the ipaddress of the server in the Tree field and at
that point I can browse for context and server (but not tree). And I still
get that message.

I set up a test server and named the tree 03, I get the internal error.
When I rename that tree to TreeThree, the client logins in no problems.

It has not been a problem with XP/2000 for the last 7 years.

Any pointers on troubleshooting?
Is there a rule against using all numbers in the tree name?