We have a Windows 2000 Terminal Server which has nwclient 4.90 SP2. This has
worked fine for a LONG time.
Today, I installed (on Terminal Server) Window Installer 3.1 as well as .NET
Framework 2.0 in preparation for a specific program for the insurance
industry. I had to restart the server after this install and now I get the
Netware Security Error when I try to log into the Novell network. I have
tried 3 user ids which I know the passwords are correct and it tells me the
system can't log me in, make sure user name and password is correct.
I can click on the Advanced button and it will find the Tree, context and
server. But Netware doesn't recognize any user ids. I can click workstation
only and get in using the same user ids.
What Netware security setting could have been affected?
Should I reinstall the nwclient? Install a newer nwclient?
Any ideas would be appreciated!