Thanks for the good info. guys.

I am in the pre-pre-planning stages right now, so may have more questions
later on.


"Timothy Leerhoff" <> wrote in message
>> And if GroupWise is involved -that will be important.

> Most definatily. Clustering multiple apache stuff is far more
> difficult than regular resources (e.g. GW agents). Good news is it is
> far easier with NW6.5 compared to 6.0!
> LOTS of trial/error to get it to work.
>> Naming Standards: YES there are several standards that should be
>> planned out and considered before the first mouse button is clicked.
>> When I do clusters for customers -I do a planning/documentation stage
>> first that covers naming standards, IP address and port standards,
>> along with fail over design and cluster resource scripts written.

> I also have a planning session with my clients. I have not seen a
> planning session go less than 4 hours. There are a lot of things to
> cover and consider including the 8th layer of the OSI model (named
> either Administratum or Politics).
>> Then at implementation time -all data is gathered and you just
>> huuuummm along.

> With a full plan it is far easier at implementation time.
> I also recommend adding DNS records for each resource e.g. Staff for
> the Cluster1_Staff_Server resource. Shorter and easier for your end
> users to get to.
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