While the documentation says that you can have a mixed cluster, this
is for migratory purposes and not to add additional creativity into a
cluster. If you mount an NSS volume on an OES Linux server, it is
changed - permanently! You cannot go back. Is this really what you

The answer is no? I assume that you have X-Windows starting by
default (on a server?) and that the hardware detection is kicking in.
To configure disk drives etc. you will require EVMS and the
partitioning system needs to know about all of the devices. The best
advice for this would come from Mark Robinson - I will ping him,
however I know he is riding a Motorcycle at unmentionable speeds to
the very north of Scotland this weekend and so will probably not be
about until Tuesday.

On Wed, 29 Aug 2007 19:11:27 GMT, cnetbuild@yahoo.com (Kevin Gilbert)

>I have a 4 node Netware 6.5sp6 cluster that is happy. I have OES Linux
>running within VMWARE, and I want to connect the OES Linux as a Cluster
>node. I loaded cluster services. Then, within VMWARE I did a raw device
>mapping of the SBD so OES Linux could see it. OES Linux joined the cluster
>perfectly. However, when I log into OES Linux, it says: New Hardware
>Found. Would you like to configure this disk? The disk it is referring to
>is the SBD. Should I answer "Yes" or "No"? What is SUSE going to do to the

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