Changing the IP address of a cluster or cluster node would not help
the system much...

Create a new cluster in the VM with a new SBD. Clean up the old eDir
objects and then change the masking so that the VM Nodes can see the
resources. Then you can adopt the volumes onto the nodes, recreate
cluster resources and without moving any of the data about in the SAN
you have the old resources with new IP numbers on nice clean new

On Thu, 30 Aug 2007 09:49:12 GMT, "jan myhren"
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>We're going to move our Netware 6.5 cluster to new (VMWare) servers (and SAN). We also need to change IP addresses (new subnet) on servers and cluster resources, if it is possible at the same time.
>How do we do this? In which order? Downtime is possible.
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