Hi all.

I'd like to use the tool nwrights that comes with Novell Client for
Linux 1.2 in a script to assign some trustees to a NSS volume from a
SLED 10 machine. In the documentation ('Novell Documentation: Novell
Client for Linux - Shell Commands' (http://tinyurl.com/2nktfl)) I found
the syntax of the command is:

nwrights flags -r +|-rights_list -o user_or_group_object -p

But when executing the command itself it tells me the syntax is

nwrights {-t|-f|-r} {-m <string>|-w|-e} [-o <string>] [-s] [--]
[-h] <FileSystem objects to perform operation with> ...

So I only have the embedded help of the command, which doesn't
explain the format of the string to modify trustees.

Has anyone already used this command and knows the syntax to modify

Thanks in advance.