I have been attempting to configure NSS volumes on a OES SP2 Linux server.
The server was originally setup with a single drive with default partition
settings (LVM i believe). I understand that if i wish to create NSS
partitions (and manage them thru nssmu or iManager nss plugins) that the
drives' partition type for Linux needs to be EVMS. However, im wanting to
configure NSS on a completly new unpartitioned drive. As i do this,
whether, i use iManager or nssmu, i get an error of the type 'CIMOM failed
to write to the given file.....'. As i have researched, i have found that
this is the type of error you get if you try to create NSS partitions on a
single drive without EVMS as the Linux partiton type.

Can anyone explain to me why this is happening?