We are currently running:

Novell Open Enterprise Server, NetWare 6.5
Support Pack Revision 06
Novell eDirectory Version SMP

We have some in-house developed scripts doing some very lite account
creating into our NetWare/eDirectory tree used for file and print. These
scripts are currently using ldap modify commands to create and modify
users. They want to find a way on the linux server running these scripts
to also create home directories and apply the same rights and folder
attributes we do manually:

delete inhibit
rename inhibit
file scan

Does the NetWare FTP Server support such a goal, if so, is there a
recommended ftp client (command-line) on the linux side that is
recommended? I am not a linux admin is why I ask, would it be possible
also to provide an example of the command-line syntax to accomplish
creating a home directory with the above attributes and rights?