I have 2 questions and it goes thus

a)Do we have a Novell Client for windows vista now? Got one from the
Novell site but having challenges to make it log in as my Log -In
interface after starting my workstation instaed of right clicking it
through the the task bar which is not too ideal and convenient to users
and also considering the fact that i want to deploy so many windows vista
soon on my network.What are also the challenges that have already being

b)I suddenly discoverd that that my data Volume was de-activtaed with the
following errors and users could not log in until i did a pool rebuild.
The server gave the following error NSS-3.00-5002:pool sv001fps02 /data &
20012 (Zfsfilemap. c [32527] at block 3699326 <file block -3699326>(ZID
22178) has compromised volume integrity.Need to ensure this does not occur
again 'cos continuity is very key on my netwaork.